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  1. CozyPoop

    Braviary [QC: 0/2]

    IMO; - If you're running Brave Bird, Flynium Z > any other item. The sheer power of Sonic Strike can OHKO almost anything that doesn't resist it, including Kartana and bulky weather setters like Pelipper and Torkoal. In particular, OHKOing Pelipper removes the other team's tailwind setter...
  2. CozyPoop

    SM Ubers Analysis Discussion Thread

    That's really busted. Ghost types are the ones safe from that
  3. CozyPoop

    SM Ubers Analysis Discussion Thread

    How does Seismic Toss work with Parental Bond? I just transferred one from Blue VC but I still need to get the Mega stone
  4. CozyPoop

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    Aw :( I just hope he's allowed in RU at least. It was so sad last gen when he was stuck between a tier with fairies and fighting types, and a tier where he was broken in. No reason to use him last gen.
  5. CozyPoop

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    How is Zoroark in UU this gen? I haven't tried him in a while, but now he is immune to Prankster and I'm thinking that has to give him an advantage with Illusion.
  6. CozyPoop


    Yeah, nothing but singles anyways. Not that I dislike playing singles. But for tourneys it just takes too long. The only one I went to ended up going past midnight, it really sucked for those who got eliminated.
  7. CozyPoop


    This is my first year getting involved in VGC and I would like to make it to Toronto. But I lack a scene where I am, 2 hours away from Toronto in London. There are only a few players who are interested in VGC, so I get stuck watching and playing on simulator most of the time. *London I mean the...
  8. CozyPoop

    VGC 17 Alolan Muk

    I know it's WIP but I feel Power of Alchemy deserves at least a mention. Getting Levitate to get rid of your only weakness or Beast Boost to get free Attack boosts with Shadow Sneak revenge kills is very good and not really that difficult to set up. Curse is also very good in Trick Room, that...
  9. CozyPoop

    OU Tapu Lele

    I don't see the appeal of Guardian of Alola, much less Nature's Madness on Tapu Lele, especially when Psychic Terrain + Psychic STAB can OHKO or 2HKO the majority of the meta, and the Dark types who are immune are threatened by Moon Blast. Lele shouldn't be staying in against Steels like...
  10. CozyPoop

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    I'm just going to theorymon here; With the prevalence of Tapu Lele and psychic terrain, is running Metal Claw on Mega Scizor worth it? It has a BP of 50 so it's boosted by Technician, has a 10% chance to boost attack but also a 5% chance to miss :/
  11. CozyPoop

    Pokémon Alola Golem

    He's significantly better in doubles with all the Harambe trick room going around. But why not run Zap plate > Air Baloon? With wide guard, it can bait Earthquakes already, seems redundant to run Air Balloon unless you really fear Earth Power that much.
  12. CozyPoop

    OU Celesteela

    Agree on Toxic getting the boot on the SpD set, you are better off using coverage to avoid being steel trapped or mitigate being setup bait. EQ should be slashed instead of Toxic; flamethrower is still preferable to hit Skarmory, Genesect, Ferrothorn and Scizor, but EQ can hit CharX, Heatran...
  13. CozyPoop

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    I see more reason to use Hail to set up Aurora Veil instead of using Slush Rushers. But A-Ninetails can not always set up Aurora veil so easily. It at least threatens all the other weather setters who think they can switch in on it, except Torkoal. Lead Charizard can stop it from setting up...
  14. CozyPoop

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    I must have missed a good chunk of the prior conversation, but in regards to Tapu Lele; why are there players calling it to be banned or suspected? I can see why it's good with great typing, ability that makes priority moves useless, solid stats, and good coverage. But what makes this broken in OU?
  15. CozyPoop

    Pokémon Alola Golem

    No it isn't. I wrote that in my caffeine haze. Azumarril still applies
  16. CozyPoop

    Pokémon Alola Golem

    Yeah he needs a ton of support to be effective in OU; Sandstorm, psychic terrain to avoid priority from Azumarril and Scizor while outspeeding them, a teammate to remove ground types, has to switch in to a resisted hit (preferably physical, and even better if it's choice locked)... list goes on...
  17. CozyPoop

    Pokémon Alola Golem

    Golem-Alola only really distinguishes itself in trapping Skarmory and Celesteela, and hitting harder with his higher attack and STAB Rock/Electric coverage which covers quite a good amount of threats. As a steel trapper, he distinguishes himself hitting physically instead of specially like...
  18. CozyPoop

    Announcement Plans for SuMo and Beyond

    With Porygon and Eevee Z power banned, will those be a thing in LC Ubers?
  19. CozyPoop

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers / Little Cup Information / Forum Rules

    I'm just coming back to playing Pokémon LC now that school is coming to a close. Is there an article/a topic/thread with a banlist with explanations for why the mons are banned like in the previous generation? Cause I have been living under a rock and did not understand the Porygon ban until I...
  20. CozyPoop

    Pokémon Pheromosa

    I just tried Pheromosa, it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm all for a suspect test in OU now. Should be in any team whether you play singles or doubles. Even in VGC where it faces attacks from two other mons, it still hits really hard and is bound to kill or neuter something. But for singles OU; I...